Few Tips for Outstanding eCommerce Website Design

26 Sep 2022 12 min read
Few Tips for Outstanding eCommerce Website Design

If you have landed on this page then it means you are looking to develop an eCommerce website for your business. Right? Here today you are about to learn the top most tips that you should consider while developing an eCommerce website. There's no doubt about the fact that eCommerce is now a booming industry. Developing an eCommerce website is the first step into the business. Later comes various strategies to market your store, and dig into how to make your customers visit your store frequently. The design of the website plays a vital role as if a particular website's design is clumsy and difficult to use, one is less likely to trust the brand and its products. Let's get into the top points that you should keep in mind while developing an eCommerce website.

  1. Speed
  2. Make it mobile responsive
  3. Quality Images
  4. Readable content
  5. Be in your customer's shoes
  6. Color's role
  7. Look professional
  8. Highlight offers
  9. Easy contact
  10. Related Products


  • Speed

The loading speed of the eCommerce website is the most important factor of all. While being in similar businesses as other eCommerce stores your store should be something different from others as users first glance through all other eCommerce sites too before making a final purchase. If your website takes a lot of time than usual, users are more likely to switch to other stores and make a purchase. Your site should take less than 3 seconds as a loading time. This rule actually should apply to all other inner pages, not just the home page.

  • Make it mobile responsive

Most of the users that land on your page is most probably mobile users. If your website isn't developed to be mobile responsive, then and there you lost that valuable group of customers. That's the reason we recommend everyone to make their website mobile responsive as well. A good web developer can smoothly convert your website into mobile templates. This is mostly useful for eCommerce stores as they are entirely based online.

  • Quality Images

When it comes to the overall visual appeal of your web business, the images of the e-commerce site are really important. Therefore, be careful to choose high-quality images that can effectively convey your business's theme. For each product, you want to provide an image gallery that shows the product in various configurations. This will assist your customers in choosing what to buy.

  • Readable content

Every website should utilize content as a navigation tool to help visitors locate the information they need to know and use it to effectively proceed towards the next move. Your website should incorporate readable text with a clear font, correct text size, and the right color which stands out from the background. It is worth using headers and short text to make the content skim, allowing the reader to know exactly what they want.

  • Be in your customer's shoes

You must think like your audience if you want to engage them. In the end, there are just a few things that your consumers would desire from their experience, among which is a well-designed, simple-to-navigate website that makes online buying simple and hassle-free. You had best provide your clients exactly what they want if you want your website to flourish.

  • Color's role

It's not enough to pick your favorite color and make do with it when choosing the colors for your website. A color is a significant tool, whether you like it or not. If you get the psychology involved, you can seriously increase online sales. Remember that various colors induce various emotions. Use a strong color, like red, if you want customers to proceed with a purchase, as an example. However, you must incorporate blue into the design of your e-commerce website if you want to boost your trustworthiness. Choose the visual component of your website carefully since each color palette has a different impact on the user.

  • Look professional

If your website does not have a professional appearance, people will not provide their personal information to make transactions there. To ensure that your website appears top-notch, you will need to make a significant investment.
There shouldn't be any errors or misspellings. Every page must have the same font, color palette, and footer design. Every button and link must perform well. The point is that to be taken seriously, you must demonstrate to your clients that you value them just as much.

  • Highlight offers

The e-commerce industry has driven customers crazy about bids. Today, the best way to get customers on your site is to deploy tempting offers. You should develop great offers and display them in the most eye-catching way on your e-commerce store. It should be visible at a glance.

  • Easy contact

Your website should have easy access to contact information, so your clients can communicate with you instantly at any time. Posting contact information on the website will not only give your customers the ability to communicate with you, but also increases the level of trust they have for your brand. It makes them feel like there's always somebody they can talk to, should something go wrong.

  • Related Products

You should take advantage of all opportunities to introduce your products to users. Related Product section on the entire product detail page will be a good move. Within the related products, you should display the products that are related to the product that the particular customer is purchasing. 

A well-designed e-commerce website might help your business grow. You've just acquired some advice that will assist you to succeed in your field. To attract more clients, use these 10 eCommerce website design recommendations.